Anabolic Steroids Injection Side Effects On Body

Are you looking for Anabolic steroids side effects for men and women then you are on the right blog post because here I am going to list all the major side effects of steroids abuse and possible dangers and threat you must be aware off while using steroids in long term.

Actually steroids are really very bad no matter you are men or women, young or elderly it can cause a really serious consequences if not taken under serious medical supervision. Anabolic steroids are very popular in bodybuilding because use of anabolic steroids helps them to enhance their performance in the gym and also help them to build rapid muscles in a very short span of time.

Note – We don’t recommend anyone to start using steroids because we are here to help you guys and want you to be aware of all the possible side effects you can undergo while taking anabolic steroids.

We are here to help you and want to send the message across all the youths and teens who are using shortcuts to either build muscles, to achieve success in bodybuilding. We don’t want anybody to face the serious consequences of steroid use.

We are not promoting steroids at all we want them to be stopped completely and not legally used by any person except for the medical needs.

Do you know that steroids are used for curing many diseases like muscle wasting disease AIDS, Osteoporosis ( a disease which decreases the bone density and makes your bone more prone to get fractured easily)

Regardless of the medical use of steroids, there are many black market who are manufacturing and selling this anabolic steroids in illegal way to make money.

Especially the athletes who are involved in bodybuilding, weight lifting, boxing, running, sprinting, baseball, football etc use steroids to really enhance their performance but this is totally illegal and there are some heavy charges both in terms of money penalty and jail also.

We actually were doing some research on this topic so that we can write a complete article highlighting the various side effects of anabolic steroids for men and women. Thus without wasting much time lets see what the long-term side effects of steroids abuse.

No matter you are taking steroids shot, injection, pills, tablets etc there are side effects in all if you are not taking under serious medical supervision and this is why we are publishing this article so that you all can know what serious health problem you can get in if the things go out of control.

Long Term Anabolic Steroids Injection Side Effects On Body

side effects of steroids

  1. Weight gain

    • Many males and females have seen that after taking anabolic steroids they start gaining weight more rapidly and they don’t have any control over it. This is the major and most common side effects of steroids.
    • You can literally see the results just after 2 to 3 weeks of steroids use and most popular anabolic steroids like Dianabol & Deca Durabolin are more to get this kind of side effects.
    • Especially with Dianabol which is also know as dbol you can see that after just 1 week of it’s use your weight will be increased just by taking 20 mg pills a day.
    • However, this weight gain is not permanent as soon as you stop taking these anabolic steroids your weight will again start dropping but let me tell you that some people have never returned their previous weight even after stopping the steroids consumption.
    • Why because you are messing up with your growth hormone and this is not the good thing once it is messed up the consequences may be permanent.
  2. Anger

    • Well, some call it as roid rage and agression and yes this is the number 1 side effects of steroids use. We have seen n number of times that regular steroid users are more prone to get angry and aggressive very easily and most of the time they go out of control.
    • There was one instance with one guys in the gym where he suddenly started to bang his head on the gym walls because he was taking very high doses of trenbolone anabolic steroid which is very powerful anabolic steroid and are used by serious bodybuilders only.
    • No matter which steroids you are taking you will have to face this side effect for sure and believe us this is not the good thing to carry along with you.
    • Many anabolic steroids men and women have even landed in the jail and had to pay serious money penalty because they usually end up fighting in clubs, night bars and in public places as well
    • This can really mess up your life and if you are married then this can screw the relationship with your wife or husband as well since you will get angry and aggressive very quickly.
  3. Cardiovascular diseases

    1. Long term steroids use can cause serious cardiovascular disease like heart attacks, strokes etc since the use of steroids significantly increase your cholesterol level in your body which can cause heart attack and strokes very easily.
    2. Steroids are highly dangerous for the men and women who are having the problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer etc and we highly recommend that if you are using any kind of anabolic steroids which are not intended to cure your disease stop using it immediately.
    3. You will end up in serious trouble and to be frank with you guys it can be fatal in most of the cases.
    4. Many profession bodybuilders and wrestlers have lost their lives and are dead because of long-term use of anabolic steroids and drugs abuse.
    5. Most word famous bodybuilders who are dead are Nasser Alsonbaty, Mike Matrazzo, world famous men’s fitness model Zyzz, Chris Benoit, Andreas Münzer who was really famous in his bodybuilder career and many more.
    6. So we would recommend you to stay away from any kind of steroids use not matter they are mild or strong they all are really dangerous and you have to pay the price by giving up your life and getting away from you loved ones in your life
  4.  Liver Failure

    • You want to know that what are the long term steroids side effects then liver failure is one of the most common side effects of long term steroids use.
    • Steroids like Trenbolone, HGH ( human growth hormone), Insulin, Dianabol etc are really very dangerous anabolic steroids to use and most of the time if you continue to use it for a long time.
    • Over the period of time steroids can cause the lining in your liver which is called as liver cirrhosis if you will not stop taking steroids.
    • Liver cirrhosis is really a fatal disease if you don’t stop taking steroids. Chances of getting liver cirrhosis are more if you are taking oral steroids in the form of pills and tablets.
    • And once the liver cirrhosis happens you need to either go for liver transplant as this is the only way to escape from the dangerous and fatal threats causes by liver cirrhosis
  5. Baldness

    • Have you ever noticed why most of the professional bodybuilder are bald? The number one reason for baldness in male and female bodybuilders is the long term steroids use.
    • Baldness is irreversible side effects of anabolic steroids and this cannot be reversed even if you stop taking steroids.
    • Since professional bodybuilders who are competing in top bodybuilding competitions like Mr Olympia and Arnold classic most of them are using anabolic steroids, HGH, Insulin and many other types of performance enhancing and muscle building drugs in the form of pills, shot and injection.
    • No matter you are men or women you will face this side effects if you continue to use steroids for a long term and in large doses.
  6. High Blood Pressure

    • This is most probably the very first side effect which you are going to see after taking anabolic steroids for in males and females.
    • High blood pressure is generally caused because of increase in the red blood cells count in your blood and this is really dangerous.
    • People who are having diabetics or natural high blood pressure must strictly have to stay away using this drugs.
    • Many men and women tend to ignore this and usually end up landing in the hospital with life-threatening and more serious conditions.
  7. Steroid Addiction

    • Steroids addiction is the big problem and most these men and women who are using steroids for more stamina and muscle gain is that they get addicted to steroids usage and never stop taking them which causes serious side effects.
    • One reason is why steroids are so popular among athletes and bodybuilders is that they can enhance the performance in the quick session of time and you can see the instant results just in few days.
    • These bodybuilders think that if I gained 2 pounds of muscles in 2 weeks then why not go for more heavier dose and there comes the danger but there are no stopping to those hungry bodybuilders and athletes who want to be the best in their sport no matter whatever is the side effects of using steriods use they continue to stack more and more different types of steroids and end up dead.
    • In our next post, we are gong to share the stories of similar people who got addicted to steroids and continued to use and abuse it and end up messing and their life completely fcuked up.
    • We really want to warn you all that if you are drinking alcohol daily then you must be know that how difficult is to quit alcohol and other addiction and the same addiction can happen if you will continue to take anabolic steroids.
    • No matter you are taking steroids in shot, injection, pills and anyway you will end up messing with your life so it’s better to stop it.
  8. Depression

    • Depression is the another major problem you are going to face after you stop taking steroids and believe us it will happen. Because messing up with your body hormones is not the good thing and you will have to pay the big price for that as well.
    • Depression is really a very serious condition and long-term steroid users often face this symptom after anabolic steroids withdrawal.
    • Depression if not cured can lead to chronic depression which can ultimately lead to suicide cases and many such cases have occurred in the past the most famous was the suicide cases of WWE wrestler Chris Benoit.
    • Every body was thinking that he hanged himself for personal problems he was going through in his life but do you know that steroids played a major rule to lead him to do suicide in his own apartment.

Note this post is to spread the word across the whole world to stop using steroids for those who don’t know the different types of steroids then below is the list of the different types of steroids which are most dangerous and can cause serious health conditions.

Most Dangerous Steroids

There are two types of steroids like oral steroid which people take in the form of tablets, pills etc and injectable steroids which people inject with the help of an injection.

Oral Anabolic steroids List

  1. Dianabol also known as DBol
  2. Anavar
  3. Winstrol also known as Stanozolol
  4. Anadrol very dangerous
  5. Oxandrin

Injectable Steroids List ( Use of Injection )

  1. Deca-Durabolin ( Nandrolone decanoate )
  2. Trenbolone ( Very Powerful and most harmful steroid )
  3. Durabolin ( Nandrolone phenpropionate )
  4. Depo – Testosterone ( Testosterone cypionate )
  5. Equipoise ( Boldenone undecyclenate )

These are some of the most dangerous anabolic steroids which are used in bodybuilding and sports industry as performance enhancing drugs and it is completely illegal to use this drugs without the use of medical prescription and must be only used if your doctor prescribes it for curing medical conditions only.

Side Effects Of Steroids For Men ( Males ) List

Below are the most common side effects of anabolic steroids which are found in Men

  1. Baldness
  2. Breast Development
  3. Testicle Shrinking
  4. Painful erections
  5. Become Infertile ( Chances are less )
  6. Become Impotent ( Chances are less )
  7. Lower Sex drive
  8. Aggressiveness
  9. Lower sperm count

Side Effects Of Steroids For Women ( Females ) List

Below are the most common side effects of anabolic steroids which are found in Men

  1. Enlarged Clitoris
  2. Deepening of voice
  3. Beard
  4. Low libido
  5. Excessive hair both on face and body
  6. Reduced Breast
  7. Irregular Menstrual cycle
  8. Baldness ( Yes in Women also you will get male pattern baldness )

Other Miscellaneous Side effects

  1. Depression
  2. Lower Self esteem
  3. Low confidence
  4. Acne ( Most Common and easily found on the regular Steroid users and abusers )
  5. Oily skin generally you can see on their face
  6. Mood swings
  7. More prone to liver diseases like AIDS, Jaundice, Hepatitis B and C which are life threatening diseases.

Final Words:

So these were all the steroids side effects found int men and women, If we have missed and side effects then you can mention them in the comment section below and we will include them on this list.

We would like to tell you that by no means we are promoting steroids use and we really want teens, men and women no matter you are doing bodybuilding or an athlete you must stop using the steroid use not matter you are using in the form of pills, shot or injection.

They all are very dangerous to your health and often you will have to pay the price by giving up your precious life so don’t use it. For the men and women who are using steroids for bodybuilding and muscle growth, it’s better to stop using it right now and go natural.

You can use various protein and food supplements to achieve your goals also but never take steroids. Please, help us to spread this message as much as possible by sharing this article with your friends and other steroids abusers so that they can also come to know about the many fatal side effects of anabolic steroids.

You can share this post on Facebook, Twitter,  Google plus and many other social media sites so that we can spread this awareness and stop steroids use. Thank you so much.

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