Arnold Classic 2022 Winner

Hello, friends in this post we are going to share the Arnold classic 2022 winner and results. Arnold classic is the second biggest event in the bodybuilding and fitness industry and many bodybuilders’ dream is to compete once and win Arnold classic.

Arnold Classic is a very big competition and many pro bodybuilders compete with each other to win the title. This year’s event will happen on March 3-6, 2022 in Columbus, Ohio.

So friends without wasting any time let’s start this post and see who is the winner of Arnold classic 2022.

Arnold Classic 2022 Winner

Before sharing the results let’s see all the Arnold classic qualifiers.

Arnold Classic Winner

Arnold Classic 2022 Qualified Athletes

  1. Lionel Beyeke
  2. William Bonac
  3. Maxx Charles
  4. Seung Chul Lee
  5. Mohamed El Eman
  6. Steve Kuclo
  7. Cedric McMillan
  8. Hassan Mostafa
  9. Sergio Oliva Jr.
  10. Justin Rodriguez
  11. Iain Valliere
  12. Akim Williams
  13. Nick Walker
  14. Roelly Winklaar

There are many good bodybuilders who have qualified for this years arnold classic but the most favorite bodybuilder to win the title is Nick Walker.

Nick Walker has been in great shape and he has won 2 pro shows back to back so he is the favourite bodybuilder to win this years Arnold classic.

Arnold Classic Results:

Nick Walker Bodybuilder

Nick Walker has won this years Arnold classic and he was looking great. His condition was superior to other athletes. Steve Kuclo came second to Nick Walker.

Steve Kuclo was bigger than Nick Walker but his condition was not up to the mark and this is because Nick Walker won the show and now he is going to complete in the biggest bodybuilding show Mr Olympia and we really hope that he does great in this show.

We are sure that he is not going to win the olympia but he will definitely get placed in the top 5. But we think that Nick Walker is a champion and he will not stop untill he wins Mr Olympia.

Arnold Classic Prize Money

The prize money this year was great and the prize money distribution were as follows:

  1. Nick Walker $130,000 (First Place Title Winner)
  2. Iain Valliere, $75,000 (Second Place)
  3. Steve Kuclo, $50,000 (Third Place)

We really hope that the prize money is going to increase in upcoming years and that will be really great for the athletes because they invest so much money in their physique so the more the prize money the better will be the motivation amongst these bodybuilders to compete in this show.

All Arnold Classic Winners List Name Year
1 Rich Gaspari 1989
2 Mike Ashley 1990
3 Shawn Ray 1991
4 Vince Taylor 1992
5 Flex Wheeler 1993
6 Kevin Levrone 1994
7 Michael Francois 1995
8 Kevin Levrone 1996
9 Flex Wheeler 1997
10 Flex Wheeler 1998
11 Nasser El Sonbaty 1999
12 Flex Wheeler 2000
13 Ronnie Coleman 2001
14 Jay Cutler 2002
15 Jay Cutler 2003
16 Jay Cutler 2004
17 Dexter Jackson 2005
18 Dexter Jackson 2006
19 Victor Martinez 2007
20 Dexter Jackson 2008
21 Kai Greene 2009
22 Kai Greene 2010
23 Branch Warren 2011
24 Branch Warren 2012
25 Dexter Jackson 2013
26 Dennis Wolf 2014
27 Dexter Jackson 2015
28 Kai Greene 2016
29 Cedric McMillan 2017
30 William Bonac 2018
31 Brandon Curry 2019
32 William Bonac 2020
33 Nick Walker 2021


So friends this was Arnold Classic 2022 winner and results. We hope that you loved this post and if you did then please give this post 1 like and do share with your friends on social media sites.

Now we will have to see who will be the winner in the next years Arnold Classic. Also please share your predictions about the next year Arnold classic winner in the comment section.

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