ASITIS Whey Protein Review 2022 (Isolate & Concentrate)

Hello, friends in this post we are going to do the review of ASITIS whey protein concentrate and Isolate. Asitis is one of the fastest-growing whey protein supplement company in India.

Asitis is a raw whey protein so the price is lower as compared to other protein supplements. Asitis isolate and concentrate are unflavored whey protein which does not have any taste.

So friends without wasting anytime lets start this review.

ASITIS Whey Protein Review

Asitis whey protein review

1. Helps in Muscle Building

Asitis whey protein will help you to build lean muscle mass and increase strength at the same time. As the name suggest it is raw and natural form of protein which is provided to you.

It boosts recovery and reduce the muscles loss during the intense workouts.

2. Less Processing

Asitis whey protein is less processed as compared to other whey protein so that you can get more benefit form this product and maintain it’s natural state as more as possible.

Since it is less processed you will get clean whey protein without any preservatives added.

3. No Flavour

Asitis whey protein concentrate and isolate don’t have any taste but this does not mean you cannot add anything to your shake. You and add cocoa powder to make it tasty.

4. Maximum Protein

With Asitis whey protein isolate you will get maximum protein. The company claims that you can get upto 27 grams of protein per serving.


Whey protein isolate and concentrate both are rich in Branched chain amino acid like  Leucine, Isoleucine And Valine which helps you recover faster and build more muscle mass.

6. USA Protein

The Whey protein is imported from USA and tested throughly so that you can get the puriest form of whey protein. It is certififed by FSSAI and are free from any banned or illigal substances.

7.  Anybody can consume

The company clamins that their whey protein can be taken by anybody like gym goers, fitness freaks, athletes, sports person etc. Also for those who are looking to lose weight can also benefit from this product.

8. Mixibility

Mixibility of the asitis is good and we have tested it with water as well as with milk. We don’t find lumps in the shake. Try to stair well for 30 seconds and you will get lumps free asitis protein shake.

9. Cheap Price

As it is raw and unflavoured whey protein the price will be obviously cheaper as compared to the order whey protein. Cheap price does not mean that the product is not good.

Asitis whey protein is very good supplement to take and it is very budget friendly specially for college students.


We think that if you are looking to buy cheap whey protein then you can go with asitis for sure. The price is less as compared to ther whey protein brands because it is unflavoured.

If you have used the product then please share your thoughts and reviews in the comment section below so that many other readers can make their buying decision.

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