Benefits of Climbing Stairs 20 Minutes Daily

Benefits of Climbing Stairs 20 Minutes Daily: Climbing stairs is one of the best physical workouts that give tremendous results without much hassle. Life is so fast for all of us.

Since people’s perception is changing quickly towards fitness, all cannot pursue their fitness dreams. Everyone wants to look handsome or beautiful. But, all can’t devote some time to their fitness passion.

Several people have sedentary lifestyles throughout their lives and may suffer from many diseases like obesity, heart attack, diabetes, and other health-related issues.

Though, climbing stairs don’t require much effort to stay fit. You don’t need to buy any fitness equipment for climbing stairs exercises. They can be done anywhere and anytime as per your convenience.

There are different ways to stay fit, like running, jogging, skipping, HIIT workouts, muscle-building exercises in the gym, and many more.

Though, these exercises demand more physical strength and plenty of time to perform in the right manner. Some activities also require any fitness trainer’s supervision to guide people to do workouts efficiently and effectively.

The eating habits are disturbed and unhealthy these days due to the increased intake of fast foods. People often barge into oily and fast foods without analyzing their harmful effects in the future. Mere exercising will not solve your purpose of being fit. The right nutrition is vital for good fitness.

Comparatively, you burn more calories through climbing stairs than walking or running. It also engages all abdominal muscles and impacts all the body organs positively to function smoothly.

It is an acceptable form of fitness for those who don’t have time to join the gym due to their hectic daily schedule and are not ready to go out for exercises. So, all the excuses fall behind when someone says that he/she doesn’t have time for workouts.

Benefits of Climbing Stairs 20 Minutes Daily

benefits of climbing stairs daily

There is no second opinion to accept that the benefits of climbing stairs daily are innumerable. Let’s understand them in detail.

1.Creating Happy Hormones

Everyone wants to stay fit and happy. When you exercise regularly, your body produces “Endorphins” as Happy Hormones, making you feel good. Same you experience when you do climbing stairs exercise.

If you perform this exercise for half an hour, the results may be surprising for you. You will be able to build strength and endurance within a short period.

Climbing stairs also influence your sleeping patterns and gives you comfortable sleep during the night. It enhances your confidence level, and you remain happy most of the time.

2. Burning More Calories

High consumption of calories during the day and not doing any physical activity gives rise to obesity. Obesity is becoming a significant problem across the globe.

People prefer to have high-calorie in-take daily and don’t want to control their eating habits. At this stage, climbing stairs is an excellent way to burn your calories with minimum effort.

It also strengthens your calves immensely. When you climb stairs, your knee muscles do work too, which is excellent for your overall leg muscle growth.

3. Engage Multiple Muscles

Climbing stairs exercises engage multiple muscles like glutes, quads, hamstrings, and your muscular force that you won’t experience while walking, running, and jogging activities.

It is also beneficial for your overall fitness. Usually, people avoid having leg workouts in the gym. So, they can focus on their leg workout at their home through climbing stairs workout.

4. Useful in Weight Loss Regime

Odd eating habits and not doing regular workout leads to obesity, and it may create several health problems that can endanger your life entirely.

As walking regularly is good for weight loss, climbing stairs is also useful in your weight loss regime. One of the aerobic forms of exercise that is useful for reducing a decent weight loss when you are consistently involved in climbing stairs workout.

5. An Increase in High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL):

As per the research, climbing stairs’ regular exercise increases good cholesterol or High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) in the body and maintains good heart health.

Because it improves blood circulation in the body and the proper flow of blood keeps your heart healthy. Your heartbeat increases due to increased blood flow in the whole body.

6.Strengthen Leg Muscles

Legs are the foundation of the body on which your whole body stand, or you can say that leg muscles carry the burden of your entire body.

If your legs are more muscular, you feel more confident. Climbing stairs regularly helps to strengthen your leg, thigh, and hip muscles that build up high endurance in your body.

7. Easy and Low Impact Cardio Workout

Climbing stairs is a low impact cardio workout and easy also. You don’t require exerting your body more. It would not help if you had any equipment to do such activity or use more energy to perform it. If you are joining the gym, you can do climbing stairs exercises as your warm-up exercises.

8. Strike a Balance of the Whole Body

All of your body muscles function in tandem when climbing stairs daily. It is like your full-body workout. It helps in striking a balance of your body correctly. You also feel rejuvenated after the rigorous climbing stairs exercise.

9. Tone Your Body Muscles

During the climbing stairs exercise, all the lower muscles of your body are engaged, and it helps in toning your upper muscles also. It increases your body muscle growth in the right proportion.

10. A Substitute to Elevator Use

When you visit a mall or any other place, and you have the option to choose the Elevator or Climbing Stairs, it is better to select climbing stairs.

Because you will be able to keep yourself fit without spending extra time on your fitness. It will motivate you to continue the same habit wherever you go out.

11. Modulation in Leg Movements

Your legs’ movement may vary as per your fitness level while climbing stairs. If you are a beginner, you start the exercise with small steps.

Gradually, you can speed up your leg movements to increase blood flow in the body and improve your overall fitness.

12. Increase Energy and Activeness in Body

Fitness is a way of Life. Climbing stairs brings agility to the whole body. It increases activeness and channelizes fresh energy. It will help you to enhance productivity in your daily activities.

Precautions while Climbing Stairs Daily

Everyone can do climbing stairs exercise daily. But, those who are suffering from specific body ailments should be cautious while doing exercise.

If you have any problem related to knees, hips, ankles, or maybe an entire leg, you shouldn’t do climbing stairs exercise. Otherwise, it may have severe repercussions on your body. You might fall ill instead of getting the benefits of climbing stairs exercise.

Some people feel breathless or dizzy during climbing stairs, and you shouldn’t take risks. The best suggestion is to approach the doctor first and take proper advice regarding your interest in climbing stairs exercises. Never try to bypass the doctor’s decision because he/she can better understand your health status.

Sometimes, when the doctors suggest to the patients climbing stairs exercises, they should start very slowly to strengthen core muscles and gain strength when recovery from several body ailments.

Climbing stairs have more advantages than its disadvantages. When you begin this exercise, you can experience how your body is responding.

Are you feeling comfortable or not? You can analyze your body response to climbing stairs exercise for creating a feel-good factor. Accordingly, you can continue to work out regularly to maximize its benefits.

Things to consider when you are planning for climbing stairs exercises

It is not always that you think to do climbing stairs exercises and start suddenly. There are certain things that you need to consider while climbing stair exercises.

1. Comfortable Clothing

Always wear comfortable clothes when you are doing any form of exercise, especially climbing stairs. You should wear loose and fit lower so that it doesn’t restrict your leg movements.

In case your lower is tight, it may harm your leg muscles. Even your upper clothing stuff should also be comfortable with making you feel happy. You shouldn’t wear tight socks too.

2. Wear Good Quality Shoes

The selection of the right types of shoes plays a vital role in your fitness regime. Never compromise with the quality of shoes.

If you buy low-quality shoes, it may affect your ankles during the exercise. Preferably, you can buy good shoes from different brands available. Because buying branded shoes and wearing them at the time of your workouts, ensure your legs’ smoothness and comfort.

3.Maintain a Good Posture

Posture is more important if you are climbing stairs. You should keep your steps properly on the stairs and have a straight posture so that the exercise you are doing can produce positive results.

A wrong posture will put more pressure on the lower muscles, especially on the legs, and you may also injure your ankle. Be cautious at the time of exercise.

4. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Start your climbing stairs exercise with slow and straightforward steps. Don’t try to get all the benefits in a day or two. It would help if you increased the duration of exercise gradually over some time.

Doing fast steps suddenly at the initial level may bring dizziness and more discomfort in your body. So, never take the risk of anything and believe in performing your exercise in the right manner for getting desirable benefits.

5. Keep an Eye over Your Breathings

Breathing fast may lead to several problems. It would be best if you took a deep breath while climbing the stairs exercise.

If you breathe well through your nostrils, it will send the required oxygen to all your muscles in the body and will also reduce inflammatory concerns.

Don’t take unnecessary stress in your mind at the time of doing exercises. It would help if you focused on your training, and your breath should be at an average speed.


There is a saying, “Life is not a bed of roses. One has to strive hard for success.” It is true. When you set your goal to remain fit, the first thing is to determine how you will take it forward. Climbing stairs is an easy form of exercise that brings several health benefits for you, as discussed above.

Usually, most people complain about their business schedules to avoid fitness. Their office timings are very odd, and they hardly get time to perform any exercise.

But, it is not the solution to your problem. Be realistic. Since you don’t require any fitness equipment for climbing stairs exercise, you can’t blame anybody.

If you live in a high-rise society and have a flat on the top floor, you can climb stairs till the 2nd floor or 3rd floor and then take a lift.

It will help you to keep the right momentum of your fitness regime. Similarly, if you live in a low-rise society, you should use stairs instead of lifts until and unless your health necessarily demands using lifts.

There is no doubt that climbing stairs are one of the best forms of exercise that people of all ages can do without any problem.

When you are using stairs for climbing up, and your children look at you, they also learn these good habits. It will help you to set an example of being fit in front of your children.

If you introspect yourself, you will find that the benefits of climbing stairs are incredible and long-lasting. Even those who exercise in the gym also do climbing stairs exercise. Their fitness trainers often recommend warming up all their muscles, especially leg muscles.

When you are looking for an exercise for burning more calories within a short period, it is best to go for climbing stairs exercise. It has several health benefits for strengthening your multiple body organs like heart, lungs, bones, and others. For maintaining your overall fitness, start your climbing stairs exercise today and lead a healthy life.

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