Benefits Of Doing Lunges Daily With Weights

Not all people prefer to go to the gym for keeping themselves fit and healthy these days. Life has been very busy for many people. They want to remain fit but they are unable to do any kind of physical activity to support their fitness regime. Since time is changing fast, people have started to understand the importance of fitness.

When we talk about fitness, the lower body part workout comes first because if the foundation of our body is strong, overall fitness can be achieved. Lunges are a good and effective form of lower-body part workout because you can strengthen your core muscles and can make your legs stronger and healthier.

Lunges exercises basically focus on the lower body part muscles such as quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Lunges are the functional and HIIT workouts that are performed in different variations for achieving fitness goals. You can feel flexibility and strength in your whole body if you do lunges in the right manner.

What are the lunges and how to do them?

benefits of doing lunges

Lunges are the lower body part exercises where your entire body is engaged in the exercise. Mainly, your both legs are involved whereas one is bent down with the support of another leg while doing lunges.

Let’s learn how to do lunges in the appropriate manner. Follow the below steps for doing lunges.

1.Stand up in the straight position.

2. Keep your one leg ahead with a 90-degree angle and it shouldn’t cross your toes. Simultaneously your other knee should be parallel to the ground.

3. Bring back your front leg in the straight position and repeat the same step with another leg.

4. Try to perform at least 10 to 15 repetitions with one leg for better results.

There are different types of lunges exercises such as Side or Lateral Lunges, Walking Lunges, Lateral or Side Lunges, Twist Lunges, or many more. It all depends upon your fitness goal and the kind of transformation you want to bring to your physique.

Always be careful while doing lunges. Keep your posture correct and focus on your workout completely. A small mistake can create severe injury. But, if the lunges workout is done in a proper manner, you can imagine its benefits for your complete fitness.

Lunges can be incorporated into different types of body exercises. Though, many people usually perform lunges with leg workouts. But, you can include lunges in your daily warm-up exercises also. Apart from that, lunges workout can be done with the combination of cardio or strength training workouts.

When you combine lunges with your leg workouts, you can experience drastic results in your lower body part. You will definitely feel agile and stronger. You can tone up your leg muscles for effective workout results.

Benefits of Doing Lunges

Lunges have multiple benefits for our overall health. Let’s understand them in detail.

1.Enhancing Flexibility

Lunges can be done daily without any restriction. As you prefer to walk or climb up the stairs usually for achieving a good fitness level, Lunges play a vital role in enhancing flexibility in your body. You don’t require much space to perform lunges.

The sedentary lifestyles of the people have been compelling them to do some physical workout. Otherwise, many health problems may arise from time to time and can endanger your life. You need to be extra cautious about your health.

Though regular lunges work out, you can achieve agility and flexibility in your body and you can also avoid severe back problems by maintaining your fitness level at a high rate.

2. Building up Strength

Strength is something that is required to remain fit. It is gained over a period of time through your persistent efforts. Lunges are the best exercises for building up good strength. When you do lunges exercises, your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves are engaged closely, they build up good strength in your body especially in the lower body.

When your glutes are not strong, you may face challenges in walking or running. Your body strength starts diminishing gradually. People generally avoid doing legs workout in the gym and focusing on their upper body part muscles. Because of that, their legs become weaker and leaner. Lunges exercises are very good for making your leg muscles stronger and your body strength is maximized over a period of time.

Advance Level Lunges with Some Weights: Lunges are very easy to perform. Even, you can do them every day. If you are a beginner, you can do simple lunges or can combine some variations of lunges. Those who are engaged in an advanced level workout can do lunges with some weights with dumbbells.

The lunges workout with some weights make it more advanced and it brings impressive results to your fitness level. It is always better not to weigh heavyweight in the beginning. But, you should start with free weight and increase weight as per your body capacity for better results while doing lunges.

3. Attaining Balance

Lunges are a great help for attaining balance in your body. These are called up unilateral training. Your body leg muscles are engaged in performing lunges. Your body attains a good balance of your body and you feel charged up after the lunges workout.

It is necessary for your well-being that your body should be properly balanced so that your body parts can easily carry your body weights especially lower body part muscles. Lunges exercises force your core or spinal muscles for working harder to stay balanced.

5. Assist in Weight Loss

Weight loss is a big problem for many people. People have bad eating habits and they prefer to have fast foods and oily stuff in their meals. It is a grave concern. Since people don’t have time to go to the gym. They can do lunges at home. Lunges assist you in your weight loss regime.

You can reduce your weight by reducing the calories and can increase your metabolism faster. You can combine lunges workout with your HIIT workout for effective weight loss results. Though, you can do lunges with heavy weight as per your body capacity for driving the best result out of your continuous efforts.

6. A Complete Healing Solution to Your Weak Leg Muscles

You would have definitely witnessed that there are many people who have been suffering from arthritis problems due to weak leg muscles. The main reason behind that there is not any physical exercise involved in daily life. The weaker leg muscles start getting weaker more over a period of time.

Lunges are a great support for strengthening your legs’ weak muscles. In the other words, you can say that lunges provide the complete healing solution to your weak leg muscles. You can gain your lost strengthen within few days. It will also relieve you from long-lasting muscular pain in your legs.

7. Maintain a Straight Body Posture and Support Good Spinal Health

There is no doubt that lunges are a very powerful workout for your overall fitness. When you practice lunges workout regularly, you can attain a straight body posture and your physique becomes athletic.

In case, you have been suffering from back pain or have some problem in your spine, you can get relief easily if you are focusing on correct lunges workout and these are powerful for strengthening your core and legs.

8. Proper Blood Circulation in the body

When you are not involved in any workout especially a leg workout, the blood circulation in the body is interrupted due to many reasons. Lunges workout provides a good flow of blood circulation in the body that creates happy hormones in the body. Therefore, your health becomes good and you start feeling happier.

Actually, you are engaged in any kind of leg workout, which pumps the blood in the body. It increases the blood circulation in the body and that is really good for your good health.

9. Build up Self-Confidence

It is true that when you are healthy and fit, you can feel self-confidence. Lunges are the game changer to your mood swings and they are helpful to get rid of negativity around you. You can boost up your self-confidence and feel happy and healthier.

On the other hand, you lose your self-confidence when you are not involved in any kind of fitness. Life becomes lethargic and dull that causes several health problems.

10. Variations of Lunges Workout for Effective Results

Lunges can be done in different manners. You can add some variations such as Lateral or Side Lunges, walking lunges, twisting lunges, reverse lunges, or curtsy lunges. Though, the results may vary as per your choice of lunges workout and how you want to drive maximum benefits out of them.

Though, you can approach a fitness trainer for understanding the right way of doing lunges. There are several videos available online for supporting lunges workouts. You may learn from them also. But, you are required to do thorough practice regularly for achieving your fitness goal.


Lunges are the best workout for your complete body fitness. They can be performed anywhere. You don’t have any excuse that your gym is closed or you don’t get any space to perform lunges. They are done while doing warm-up exercises also. You can also combine them with your leg workouts.

The efficacy of the fitness depends upon your seriousness of doing lunges exercise. There are several people who understand the importance of doing lunges. Therefore, they have good physique and strength. The overall fitness of the body is enhanced and you feel energetic and agile.

If you are a beginner at fitness and you don’t know how to do lunges. You can browse your internet and access YouTube where you can find various videos of lunges workout. You can choose the best one and can start your practice at home. You can’t expect good results within a short span of time. But, your consistent efforts and never-die spirit will make your fitness goal achievable.

When you feel discomfort while doing lunges, you should stop immediately. Never exert more on your muscles when your body is not responding properly. You can finish your lunges workout in 10 to 15 minutes. It will support you to boost up your self-confidence and bring positive energy to your body.

Never be too late in doing lunges workout. You don’t have any excuse now that you don’t have time to do any physical workout or you are not getting any space for doing the workout. Always be positive and excited when you are planning to do lunges or other exercises for effective and favorable results.

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