Top 10 Best Bodybuilders In The World 2022

Hello, friends in this post I am going to share the top 10 best bodybuilders of all time. If you are a bodybuilding fan then you must be familiar with the names which I am going to list in this post.

I have listed only those bodybuilders who are legends and have won many titles and Mr. Olympia. Bodybuilding is a sport that is loved by millions of people all around the world.

But to become champions all these bodybuilders have to work really hard and stayed dedicated and focused to win these many titles.

So friends without wasting any time let’s start this post.

Top 10 Best Bodybuilders In The World Of All Time

Top 10 best bodybuilder in the world of all time

1. Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman is the biggest bodybuilder of all time. He has won a total of 8, Mr. Olympia. He and Lee Haney both have won 8, Mr. Olympia, straight in a row.

The best body part of Ronnie Coleman was his back. Nobody was able to beat him when he was in his prime. Ronnie Coleman was the complete bodybuilder and this is the reason why he won 8 Mr. Olympia titles.

Till today Ronnie does the workouts and definitely, he is number 1 on our list.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you follow bodybuilding you must have heard the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has won a total of 7 Mr. Olympia and My personal favorite is Arnold.

Apart from bodybuilding, he is also an actor, selected as the governor of California. He was so popular bodybuilder that in 1989 Jim Lorimer founded Arnold’s classic sports festival in which more than 22k athletes take participate every year.

He was unbeatable during his prime and his physique was very classic and this is the reason why Arnold is followed by millions.

3. Lou Ferrigno

Lou ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno was one of the biggest bodybuilders during his era. His height was 6.5 feet so he was the monster. Lou Ferrigno competed in 1975 Mr. Olympia which many other athletes.

But unfortunately, he lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger after that he retired from bodybuilding and tried to pursue acting.  Lou Ferrigno has also appeared in the Hollywood superhit film the incredible hulk.  Despite he was big but unfortunately he never won the Mr. Olympia title.

4. Dorian Yates


Dorian yates also won Mr. Olympia a total of 6 times and he was really the first mass monster in professional bodybuilding.

Dorian Yates was very strict with his workout routine and dedication to bodybuilding. This is the reason why he became so successful bodybuilder.

Dorian yates calves, and back were the most impressive as compared to his overall physique.

5. Lee Haney


Lee haney is 8 time Mr Olympia. He is one of the few bodybuilders who won Mr Olympia titles 8 consecutive times and never lost.

Many people believe that he retired too early from bodybuilding. He was also a very complete bodybuilder. He was known for his lovely v taper and massive chest.

6. Franco Columbu

franco columbu

Franco Columbu was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best friend but unfortunately, we lost franco in 2020. Franco columbu won Mr. Olympia two times in 1976 and 1981.

Franco columbu height was very small but his weight lifting power was superb and he could bench press more than Arnold.  Arnold said that franco is really a very honest man and his best friend.

7. Sergio Oliva

Sergio Oliva

Sergio Oliva was known as a myth and he was born in CUBA. He won Mr. Olympia for a total of 6 times and he was one of the tough competitor for Arnold.

Sergio Oliva was known for his body size and his popular forearm pose. He was big massive and really a champion bodybuilder.

8. Phil Heath


Phil Heath is the most gifted bodybuilder and this is why he got the name “The Gift”. Phil heath has won Mr. Olympia’s titles 7 consecutive times but in 2018 he lost to Shawn Rhoden.

What makes Phil health so good is that he has very round muscle bellies and this gives his body a complete 3d look. We would like to wish Phil heath the best of luck for this year’s Mr. Olympia.

9. Kevin Levrone


Kevin levrone is another very good bodybuilder but unfortunately, he has never won the Mr. Olympia title. His triceps are huge and very muscular.

When he was competing he used to place consistently within the top 5 positions. I really love Kevin levrone physique and his posing style is also very unique.

10.Flex Wheeler


Flex Wheeler is called the king of symmetry and once again he is the bodybuilder who has never won the Mr. Olympia title but he used to get placed in the top 3 during his prime.

In the year 2019, he came back and competed in classic physique and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. So I think that even though flex wheeler never won Mr. Olympia bu

Final Words:

So friends these are the top 10 best bodybuilders in the world of all time. We really hope that you loved this list post and if you did then please give it 1 like and also share on social media sites.

Which bodybuilder is your favorite do share with us in the comment section below. Till then do check out our other posts. Thank you.

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