Big Muscles Whey Protein Review 2022

Hello friends in this post we are going to share big muscles whey protein review which will help you in deciding whether to buy big muscles protein or not.

Big muscles is a very big brand in India and recently it popularity has increased a lot. They have wide range of products but in this post we will be reviewing whey protein.

The have many varieties of whey protein like crude, nitric, zero, gold, signature and raw whey protein. So in this post we will be reviewing all these supplements. So friends without wasting anytime let’s start this post.

Big Muscles Whey Protein Review

Big Muscles Whey Protein Review

1. Unflavoured

Big muscles unflavoured whey protein is good for those who have low budget and their protein is imported from Glanbia nutrition.

And Glanbia nutrition is the very popular brand and it’s the parent company of optimum nutrition. So the quality of the protein you will get is absolutely good.

2. Good Macronutrients

In once scoop of big muscles whey you will get 24 grams of protein, 4 grams of glutamine and 5.5 grams of BCAA per serving.

So without a doubt the ratio of protein and other ingredients is very good which will help you to build lean muscle mass.

3. Cheap

The biggest advantage of buying big muscles whey protein is the price. They are really very cheap no matter which product you buy.

The company has strived really hard to give us quality protein and keeping the price low so that even a college going student can afford to buy their protein powders.

4. Mixability

Mixability of big muscles whey protein is very good, We personally used it for 2 months and the mixibility is really very good but little lumps were found but if you will use shaker then you will not find lumps.

5. Absorption

The absorption is good and we would suggest that you take this protein with water as the water helps your body to quickly absorb the nutrients.

But if you need more calories then you can take it with milk also.

How to use Big Muscles Whey protein

You can mix 1 scoop of whey protein with 150 ml water or skimmed milk.

Final Words:

So friends these was the big muscles whey protein review, We hope that you liked this post and if yes then please give this post 1 like and also share with your friends.

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