Bodybuilding Without Supplements and Steroids Results

I know many of you including men and women must be thinking that it possible to build muscles and do bodybuilding without supplements and steroids? I know many of you might be curious to know about this as this is one of the widely asked questions in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

So in this post, I am going to put some lights on this topic, and this will be a really helpful guide for those who want to do bodybuilding and muscle building but get stuck with this question in their mind whether they will be able to build muscles and get the same results without using supplements or steroids.

Supplements and Steroids are a huge multi-billion dollar industry. Billions of dollars are spent every year, and some men and women are ready to swap their credit cards to get their hands on these supplements and drugs.

So it is necessary, or they are stupid to spend that much money on buying these bodybuilding supplements and steroids. Whatever might be the reason but our main motto with this article is to remove this myth that is hiding behind the wall.

Thus without wasting much time let’s start this post and we would recommend you to read this article completely to get all the information.

Natural Bodybuilding without Supplements or Steroids Results

Bodybuilding without supplements and steroids

You must have seen in magazines and bodybuilding shows that how bigger and muscular these bodybuilders are and I personally feel gosh how can I build the muscles like these guys and I look, Hugh.

When I started doing bodybuilding, I did not know anything about these supplements and steroids. I used to train for hours and hours in my gym, but I was not able to gain a significant amount of muscle.

I used to stand in front of my mirror and think that wtf I am doing wrong and why I am not able to build the muscles.

That was the time I started to do some research and learn more about bodybuilding secrets. I remember I used to read fitness and bodybuilding magazines after coming exhausted from the gym.

I wanted to look like them, and I wanted to know what these bodybuilders are eating, what supplements they are taking, what exercises they are doing blah blah blah.

And every time I used to get these answers like take these protein supplements, and you will gain 20 pounds of lean muscle, do supersets, do isolation exercises more but I never got to know the truth.

But the truth never hides, As I continued to do bodybuilding, weight training, watching many bodybuilding shows I had a few words with one of the pro bodybuilder.

I told him about how I love to do bodybuilding and how much time I do rigorous workouts in the gym then also I am not able to gain muscle mass.

That was the time he told me the real truth and secret about building Hugh muscular bodies and that was “Steroids” aka juice or gear.

My Experiments with Steroids and Supplements

After I got to know about these steroids, I started to search and read articles about steroid results and how to use them. Luckily I was able to get plenty of information on this web.

I bought nearly every protein supplement, weight gainer, and few high anabolic steroids. Yes, I am confessing that I purchased and took steroids because I am not Arnold Schwarzenegger to hide away my steroids use.

I had nothing to lose since I did not see significant results doing natural bodybuilding. So I wanted to see how much muscle can I gain by taking steroids along with other protein supplements, diet plans, and what will be their results.

My Bodybuilding without Supplements and Steroids Results

To be honest, I was able to build a good amount of lean muscle, and my weight gain was very fast. I gained nearly 2 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks which was fantastic, and I was really very excited that finally, I was able to build muscles that I was always dreaming.

Bodybuilding without Supplements Results

•    When I was doing bodybuilding without supplements and steroids, weight training following my natural diet plan and protein sources like egg, chicken, fish, and milk. I was able to do bench press 230 lbs, and I was really struggling to cross that mark.

•    I used to get exhausted very fast.

•    My rest timings between sets were very long 2 minutes.

•    I felt drained after my workout routines.

•    My Muscles used to ache very much.

•    My training intensity was low.

But ….. Steroids changed this all completely and then

•    I was easily able to do 260 lbs bench press.

•    I was easily able to do 1-hour workout without getting exhausted.

•    My rest timings were like 30 seconds only. In fact, I used to do my next set quickly.

•    I was able to see explosive pumps in my muscles with all the nerves popping up.

•    I was no longer feeling tired and recovery time was very low.

•    My training intensity skyrocketed. I emphasize here that really means really.

•    I felt that I am the ultimate Hulk in the gym.

So this was my personal experience while I was on steroids but now I don’t use them at all nor do I recommend anyone to use them because the side effects were horrible.

My aggression was on the roof, and I used to get irritated and angry very quickly. That was the reason I stopped taking steroids and continued my natural bodybuilding without steroids because the side effects were not worth it.

But I was using my protein supplement and proper diet plan to build lean muscle mass.

Is Bodybuilding without Supplements Possible?

Yes! Of course, you can do bodybuilding without supplements or steroids, but the gains will be much less, and there will be one time that to even add 1 pound of muscle you will struggle a lot which means that you will reach the plateau state.

We are humans and not superhumans where our bodies will keep on growing like dinosaurs. There is a limit to each and everything, and our body also falls into that category.

That is why professional bodybuilders use steroids and continue their muscle-building process.

Using anabolic steroids helps them to break that muscle-building plateau and gain more muscles and edge over other competitors during the bodybuilding competition.

How to do Bodybuilding without Supplements, Is it Possible?

  • I will be honest here if you want to compete in bodybuilding shows then you have to take few protein supplements because protein is very essential to build muscles also the diet plan which you choose might not be having that amount of protein to build muscles.
  • No matter how much eggs you eat, chicken you eat, how much milk you drink, how much exercise you do in the gym. You have to take protein supplements if you want to build lean muscle mass believe me or not, but this is the truth that I learned after doing regular workouts for five years in a row in the gym.
  • Every bodybuilder who steps up on the stage is taking various supplements to support their intense training and to get fast recovery.
  • These rules are not only for men but this applies to females also, muscle is muscle no matter you are men or woman to build muscle mass you need to take some sort of protein supplements.


According to me that Bodybuilding without supplements excluding steroids is possible but your progress will be very slow and you will not be able to build that amount of muscles by taking a natural diet as compared to those bodybuilders who are using protein powders and steroids.

Bodybuilding Without Steroids is 100% possible, and I recommend not to use it as steroids have many side effects and this can lead to serious liver and heart disorders.

Steroids are highly toxic to the liver and if used for a long duration and may cause some irreversible changes in your body. Females tend to get more muscular, grow facial hair, voice change, and these changes might be irreversible due to change in your body hormones.

But yes Bodybuilding without steroids is possible, and you can build a healthy body if you continue to train harder, take a proper diet plan, rest, and good protein intake.

So, folks, this is it, I hope that you liked this post about Bodybuilding without supplements and steroids.

If so don’t forget to share with other friends in your gym and on social media to let them know that it is possible to build muscles and an aesthetic physique without taking all these juice.

Please tell me your views about this article in the comment section and what do you think about this topic and also share your experience if ever you have used steroids.

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