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FitHealthStyle Team

All the articles published on this site have been written and reviewed by professionals in their respective fields which are as follows:

  • Doctors
  • Dieticians and Nutritionists
  • Fitness Trainers & Bodybuilding Coach
  • Beauticians
  • Weight Loss and Weight Gain Experts
  • Ayurvedic and Home Remedies Experts

Please note: We also have many other writers who regularly contribute highly researched and in-depth articles to our site.

1. Dr. Simran Deval

My self DR. Simran Devel (MBBS). I believe in the quote “ knowledge grows when it is shared”. Moreover writing is my passion. I hope through my articles you will gain knowledge and you will enjoy reading them.

2. Dt. Megha Jalan

Dietitian Megha Jalan

Megha Jalan is a Dietician with M.Sc in Food Science & Nutrition Management. She has over 8 years of experience.

She started off as an Assistant Professor in a college in Kolkata moving on to her private practise and has helped over 2000 clients all over India and abroad.

3. Dt. Shilpa Mittal

Dietitian Shilpa Mittal

A Merit Ranker holder and Award-winning Nutritionist. Helps people fall in love with food be it illness or wellness by her unique model of creative dieting which has inspired10,000 plus people.

With over 22yrs of experience has helped clients with weight loss, weight gain, BP, diabetes, thyroid, Pcod, cancer and also kids in managing obesity.

4. Dt. Kanika Khanna

Dietitian Kanika Khanna

Ms. Kanika has Post graduated in Food & Nutrition and has graduated in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She has over 10+ years of experience and has been associated with the organizations like “Max Hospital”, “British Biologicals”, “The Body Care” and “The Apollo Clinic”.

5. Dt. Paridhi Chawla Katyal

Dt. Paridhi Chawla Katyal

Dt. Paridhi has completed a B.SC in Home Science & Post Graduate in Food & Nutrition.
She has also done Six months Internship as a clinical nutritionist in the dietetics department of Max hospital and Worked as a nutritionist at dietofy for 2 years.

6. Dt. Deepanshu Sharma

Dt. Deepanshu Sharma

Had started my career as a full-time clinical dietitian/ nutritionist in 2008 post completing my M.Sc in Food & Nutrition and continued till 2014 working with Super Specialty Hospitals like Max Saket New Delhi & RG Stone New Delhi and also hold working experience with NGOs like HOPE initiative based out of Lucknow.