15+ Benefits OF Creatine Monohydrate in Bodybuilding

Creatine is one of the most widely used supplements in the sports and bodybuilding industry and there are many benefits of creatine supplement which are really beneficial for both men and women.

Creatine monohydrate supplementation can drastically improve your workout intensity, reduce depression, increase lean muscle mass, mood enhance, and reduced fatigue.

Creatine is mainly famous among bodybuilders, athletes, runners, sprinters, weight lifters and not to forget regular gym-goers and those who want to build muscles fast.

In fact, nearly anybody can use creatine supplements and there is no evidence in sports nutrition history that states creatine is harmful and toxic to kidneys and liver.

So in this post, I am not going to tell all the scientific benefits of creatine monohydrate but this is my blog where I share my real story because I think that people love to know the real experience of the people who are using creatine monohydrate supplement.

I will also share what health benefits I observed while taking creatine during my workouts. So without much ado let’s move ahead but before I tell you my results and observation about creatine supplement let’s see exactly what is creatine in the first place.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a form of amino acid which is naturally found in our body but not in the elevated form as we don’t get a sufficient amount of creatine from natural foods. So if you want to start bodybuilding or want to gain muscles then you must use this supplement and I am sure that you will see positive results in no time.

Health Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate in Bodybuilding

benefits of creatine monohydrate in bodybuilding

1# Increase Muscle Mass

Research has shown that creatine supplementation can significantly increase your lean muscle mass in a very quick time.

This is mainly because creatine increases your ATP (the primary source of energy during intense workout routines) which results in more muscle targeting during workouts and this results in more rigorous muscle gain.

2# Weight Gain

The scientific foundation has shown that creatine retains water in your muscle which results in quick weight gain within initial 1 to 2 weeks of creatine use.

However, my personal experience is that this water weight slowly fades away and your get lean muscle mass after 4 to 5 weeks of regular creatine supplements use.

3# Fuller Appearance Of Muscles

Your muscles will look fuller and bulkier but don’t be scared you will not look like a full-blown balloon but you can literally see the difference in your muscle size when you look yourself in the mirror.

I really love this effect of creatine and I had to buy a few new t-shirts due to the increase in my muscle size. But if you will stop using creatine powder then slowly this fuller appearance will go away and you will be again in your natural look So there is nothing to be scared of.

4# Zero Side Effects

To be honest, here I have been using creatine for more than 5 consecutive years and I haven’t seen any side effects since I was drinking more water nearly 6 to 7 gallons of water each and every day.

Also, since I was using the recommended dose of creatine powder which is 5 grams per day I saw no side effects on my body.

However, I would recommend for elderly men and women who have diabetes, kidney, or liver problem to please consult your doctor and nutritionist before using any food or protein supplement and this will keep you safe from any adverse side effects.

 Guys this is just to stay on the safer side however research has proven that a healthy individual can take creatine supplements without any side effects as far as he is drinking lots of water and taking recommended creatine supplementation.

5# High-Intensity Workouts

If you are into bodybuilding, weight lifting or simply love to hit the gym hard then creatine is the first and best supplement which will take your workout routine to next level and you can gain more strength, size, and build muscles.

 I know that I really love to train hard in the gym because I want to build muscle and while I was using creatine powder, the results were amazing and I gain nearly 3 pounds of muscle over the course of just 1 month and that is a pretty good feat to achieve for anyone who wants to start a muscle-building journey.

6# Bodybuilding Golden Supplement

I cannot insist on the fact that if you are a professional bodybuilder then you cannot imagine building muscles without this supplement. 99% of the professional bodybuilders and fitness athletics and models are using this supplement and they are seeing immense results.

Why? Because it takes their workout routines to next level by providing that extra push which is not possible if the person is not on creatine supplementation and this helps them to build the physique and muscle which they want to excel in their sport of bodybuilding and fitness industry.

 I vouch for this that go open the self of any pro bodybuilder who is competing in a professional bodybuilding competition and you will find this almighty supplement.

It really helps guys and I cannot imagine going to the gym without this supplement and my regular protein supplements.

So if you want to build muscle then this is a must-use supplement for sure without giving a second thought.

7# Reduces Fatigue Drastically

I started doing workouts when I was in high school and I know how tired I use to feel after coming from my studies but I am a die-hard fan of bodybuilding so I never used to skip my workout routines and used to visit my gym regularly to train for 1 hour.

But creatine helped me here also I used to take 5 grams of creatine before going to the gym and suddenly I used to feel a new force of energy rushing in my body and I used to finish my workouts without any problem and with 0% fatigue after that.

If you don’t believe me, you start taking this supplement and you can see the effect the very first day after taking this supplement.

8# Reduces Stress Level

I know that I want to build muscles and make the body like Arnold Schwarzenegger (lol) but at the same time, I had to do my studies as well since by then I was in my college and I was also having extra classes.

So it was natural that after doing workouts and studies I used to feel very stressed out and exhausted but creatine supplementation helps me and I used to feel good and it really raised my mood level which acted as a mood enhancer also.

Don’t go by my words research has the stats to prove this as 4 men and women were given 3 grams of creatine for 2 weeks and the result proved that their feeling of well-being improved a lot and helped them to reduce stress level to great extent.

9# Anti-Depressant Pill Clone

Are you suffering from Depression then try creatine monohydrate for 2 to 3 weeks and I bet that you will slightly feel free from depression.

I want to say that creatine cannot be a 100% replacement for anti-depression pills but it really helps. But here I would recommend if you are having any chronic depression disease then you must consult your doctor to before starting creatine supplementation.

10# Great for Runners and Sprinters

The benefits of Creatine is great for Runner and Sprinters because of its instant energy-releasing capability and this can really enhance their performance while running and sprinting.

Every professional who is into sports what to stay ahead of the rest and this is where creatine benefits come in very handy.

11# Elderly Men and Women Health Benefits of Creatine Supplementation

As if now I am 30 years old later I will become more elderly and I will not have the same strength and power which I am having now. So to keep my body fit and healthy when I grow old creatine will help me a lot.

We must know that as you grow old your bone density started to reduce a little bit due to a reduction in calcium level at that age but a study has shown that taking creatine 2 to 3 grams daily can help you to retain your bone density and make muscle losing effect.

12# Creatine Monohydrate Can Reduce Ageing Factor

I am not 100% sure about this but I read some articles on the internet that regular creatine use can help you to reduce aging factors and muscle loss as you grow old.

Who wants to look like elderly men and women I am sure you are the first one who wants to look fit and healthy even if you are in your 90’s ( just joking guys). I know including me but as of now I am young so I will test this thing myself

13# Creatine is Very Cheap

Creatine is very cheap as compared to other bodybuilding supplements in the market. However, there are many forms of Creatine which is available now Creatine pills, Creapure Creatine, Creatine ethyl ester, Creatine Hydrochloride, etc.

I have tested nearly every form of creatine but the cheapest and most effective in terms of health and muscle-building benefits Creatine Monohydrate is the best.

14# Easily Dissolves In Warm Water

You don’t have to break your head behind the wall that I have creatine powder with me and how the heck I have to drink this with.

Then don’t worry you can start taking creatine powder with warm water as this dissolves the powder completely. You just have to stir it for 5 minutes and your energy drink is ready to drink.

Now many companies have made fast-dissolving creatine powder which is in micronized form and I have tried this and it’s great and quickly mixes with water and this makes me feel, have I put my creatine powder in the glass.

15# Very Easily Available In Any Supplement Store Market

Now that you know all the major muscle building and health benefits of Creatine supplements. You must be thinking that since it has so many benefits and advantages then it will be really hard to get this product.

The good news is that it’s very I mean very easily available in any food supplement shop and you don’t have to wander around the globe to get this product.

You can easily order it online from Amazon or any other e-commerce site and you will get an original creatine monohydrate supplement.

16# No Loading Phase Required

Many claim that you will benefit more if you do the loading phase which is taking 5 grams 4 times a day which equals 20 grams a day for 6 to 7 days and you will see faster results.

Yes, this is true because your body gets saturated fast with creatine and you will see the results more quickly.

However, I never tried this and stick to my regular 5 grams of creatine monohydrate per day and this gives me ultimate results and health benefits both in terms of strength increase, performance enhancements, and bodybuilding.

So I can see that if you are a little bit concerned about how to take creatine then I can suggest you take 5 grams a day and you will see the results. And I think that there is no need to hurry

Slow and Steady Wins the Race! Patience Is The Key In Bodybuilding

Final Words:

So this is it, I have explained and shared all the health benefits of creatine monohydrate supplement and how this can be very helpful in bodybuilding.  I hope you loved this article and please share it with your friends and other gym goers so that they can reap the benefits of this ultimate muscle and strength-building supplement.

I would like to know what advantages you see and do you use creatine, which from, since how long you have been using and how fast were the results I would love to discuss this via comment.

But last but not least subscribe to get more workout and fitness tips.

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