How Fast Does Creatine Works to Build Muscles

Well, if you want to know does creatine work for everyone or how fast does creatine work to build muscle then you are on the best article because in this post I am going to talk about this topic and explain to you each and everything about the creatine supplement.

Creatine is one of the evolutions in the sports and nutrition industry, and it’s one of the most researched and studied supplements in sports and bodybuilding history.

Many types of research have been done on Creatine about its effectiveness in building muscle, increasing strength and power, increasing endurance, and even in the weight loss genre.

Creatine is single-handedly one of the best bodybuilding supplements in the market right now. There are many questions in people’s minds like does creatine work, how quickly does creatine work, does creatine work as a pre-workout supplement, etc this list can go on and on.

But no worries, I will tell you each and every fact about creatine and explain to you how does creatine work to build muscle and strength.

How Fast Does Creatine Work to Build Muscles

how does creatine works to build muscle

Creatine is an amino acid that is found naturally in our body in the liver and kidneys, however, it’s generally about 2 to 5 grams of creatine but if you supplement with creatine monohydrate then your body creatine level increases, and this aids as ATP ( Adenosine triphosphate).

ATP acts as an instant source of energy for your body during high-intensity training, weight training, sprinting, etc. The more ATP, your body, carries, the more energy will be there for your body to complete your intense workouts.

How Fast Does Creatine Work

Creatine works really fast let’s say you are doing a massive bench press of 4 to 6 reps. Then if you are not on creatine supplementation, then your body gets exhausted after 4 to 6 reps because you put the weight according to your capacity right.

What happens after this you are not able to do one more rep why? The amount of ATP which was there in your body has been utilized for doing six reps, and you cannot go further than that.

This is where Creatine kicks in when you are on creatine supplementation you are providing the surplus amount of creatine to your body which is consumed as ATP doing heavy weight training workouts.

So when you are about to quit and keep the bench press on the rack with the help of creatine, you can push for 2 to 3 reps more because of instant ATP availability to your muscles cells, and this really helps you to take your workout routines to next level and build more muscles.

How Does Creatine Work To Build Muscle Mass

As I said above, Creatine acts as an instant energy provider in the form of ATP to your body, and because of which you can push yourself to do more additional reps.

The secret behind muscle building is that the more pressure you put on your muscle it will grow stronger and if you muscles are getting stronger then you can lift more weight and this results in ultimate lean muscle mass gains.

Creatine is used as an essential bodybuilding supplement that indirectly helps you to build more muscle mass and at the same time increase your overall body strength and size.

Does Creatine Works For Everyone

Now this might be interesting not all human body is the same, so it is not necessary that everybody will respond positively to creatine supplementation. Nearly there are 20 to 30% of men and women don’t react well to creatine, in fact, they don’t see any positive outcome.

But don’t worry, we have the solution for this. What you have to do here is that you have to do little changes to your timing and diet while being on creatine.

Suppose you used to take creatine before workouts try to take creatine after your workouts or maybe as a pre-workout or post-workout both and this trick will likely solve this issue and you will see better improvement regarding creatine effectiveness.

Another reason that it will not work for everyone mainly non-responders is that their body produces enough creatine so that any additional amount of creatine does not have any positive effects on their body.

Many non-responders also tend to have poor dietary habits. Remember if you are taking creatine to build muscle mass and size then as I said above Creatine helps indirectly to build muscle mass and it is not directly responsible for building muscles.

So, it’s very crucial that you take a high protein diet or maybe a good protein supplement to give more boost to your muscle building, strength, or endurance increasing goals.

A balanced diet with regular creatine supplementation will yield excellent results even for non-responders, you simply have to do some alterations in your workout schedules and diet plan, and you will be good to go.

One excellent trick here is that you can take creatine both times as pre-workout and post-workout shake as this will actually help more on this topic below and how this trick will help you break the hurdle of being non-responders to creatine supplement.

Does Creatine Work For Bodybuilding

Of course Yes. Creatine is the wonder supplement for bodybuilding no matter you have just started to lift weights, or you are already an amateur bodybuilder. Creatine will definitely help you to pack on more lean muscle mass and size.

Creatine really helps you in bodybuilding by allowing you to do your workouts with a higher level of intensity by providing instant energy when required. The more energy you have, the more reps you can do, the more reps you can do more muscle contraction will occur and in the end, your muscle fibers will grow very quickly.

If you are really serious about bodybuilding, then creatine along with whey protein will do wonders for your muscle-building campaign, and you will be really pleased to see the positive results.

I usually take creatine with glutamine as my pre-workout shake followed by whey protein plus creatine as my post-workout shake.

By following this routine, I actually gain a good amount of lean muscle mass as well as seen a tremendous increase in overall body strength and power.

Should We Take Creatine as A Pre-workout Or Post Workout?

Yes! It’s a great combination to take creatine as a pre-workout and post-workout shake and to get even better results you can add in a spoon of whey protein to increase the absorption rate of creatine.

You can take creatine with grape juice, dextrose to speed up the creatine transportation to your muscle cells after your intense workouts.

Creatine with either grape juice or dextrose and carbs combination will drastically skyrocket your muscle building and strength gaining a goal a lot.

What this does is by taking creatine with grape juice or dextrose it increases the insulin level in your body. The higher the insulin level more creatine will be absorbed by your muscle cells.

Creatine helps tremendously if you take it as your pre-workout shake. Since it acts as an instant source of ATP which is the energy your body needs doing heavy weight training exercises. This will help you to do more reps with heavy weights without getting exhausted.

By this, you will be able to complete your workouts effortlessly, and you will also avoid the danger of overtraining.

Creatine As Post Workout Shake

Now that you are taking creatine as your pre-workout shake and you are now able to finish your workout routines with much higher intensity, and you are euphoric with your performance in the gym. Great.

But to make you happier you can take creatine with your protein supplement as a post-workout shake why because after a heavy and intense workout schedule your body runs short of energy, and it seeks an instant source of carbs and energy.

This is the right time to hit the nail, gulp a glass of creatine plus whey protein and this will be instantly absorbed by your body. This is the best time that you need to take your creatine supplements as your body demand urgent energy supply and if you will provide that you will see great muscle mass growth in no time.

Below is the excellent videos which actually demonstrates how fast does creatine work in your body. If possible watch this video, and you will be able to know more about how creatine transports through your body and helps you to build more muscle mass and power.

Does Creatine Work For Skinny Guys

If you have read all the above explanations, then you can quickly come to the conclusion that yes creatine does work for skinny guys as well.

Provided that you do your workout routines regularly with proper form and along with a high protein and carbs diet. If you will follow this, then there is no reason that you will not be able to pack more muscles and strength.

If you have never been to creatine supplementation before then, just start by taking 5 grams of creatine monohydrate post-workout with a good protein supplement, and you will see exponential results.


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