Best Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss For Teenage Girls

Hello friends, in this article we are going to share the best Indian diet plan and chart for teenage girls to lose weight and get in shape quickly.

Due to the changing habits of our Indian society, we are more likely to eat more junk foods than home-cooked food and this is the reason why many girls are losing their body shape and gaining more weight very quickly.

If you are overweight or maybe obese then it has a very negative effect on your health and apart from this, your whole personality does not look good.

Maybe you are going to the gym and doing regular workouts but then also some girls don’t see the results and they get really frustrated.

The main reason for this is they don’t know the importance of diet in achieving any fitness goal. Weight training or cardio workout helps you to burn more calories but if your diet is not in place then no matter how much you workout you are not going to see good results.

This is the reason why in this post we are sharing the best 7 days Indian diet plan for teens to lose weight fast. But before sharing the diet chart with you let’s read some important tips that will help you to have a clear idea about what things you must keep in your mind before starting any diet plan.

Few Important Weight Loss Tips for Teenage Girls

Best Indian diet plan for weight loss teenage girls

A teenager is someone who falls in the age group of 13 years to 19 years as those numbers end with teen, the age bracket is called teenagers. This is when girls are at a growing age and hence need proper nutrition. Also, some of them are going through puberty so they become very conscious of their looks, hair, skin, body.

Calorie requirement increases due to growth and an increase in metabolism. Since it’s the growth phase there is an increased demand due to pubertal changes. Protein needs are almost at 11 to 15% of the energy intake. 

Fats are also essential for the fat-soluble vitamins to continue with their function. Approx. 35-50g/day should be the fat consumption during the teenage years.

Some important points to keep in mind when we are looking at the food intake of teenage girls are: –

  • There should be a balance of nutrients to prevent obesity or undernutrition later in life.
  • Girls should take enough calcium-rich foods in their diet to increase bone density. This also plays an important role in delaying bone-related disorders later in life. The highest amount of bone mass is acquired during this age.
  • Junk food should be avoided. Due to peer pressure children tend to have more junk food at this age.
  • Empty-calorie foods like carbonated beverages, Packed fruit juices should be avoided
  • Food should be colorful, attractive, and tasty. Rainbow diet should be followed (Rainbow diet is the one where various different colors are used in a single meal to create a nutritious meal)
  • Iron-rich foods should be included to prevent anemia as the girls start menstruating during this period.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables should be included so that vitamin and mineral requirement is met.
  • Parents should encourage teenagers to have home-cooked meals as much as possible.
  • Last but not least physical activity is very important to keep them healthy.

Teenage girls perceive their diets at times by the way they look and their body shape. There can be eating disorders at this age group which are: –

1. Anorexia Nervosa:

Girls might not be willing to eat. They lose weight rapidly. They might avoid an entire food group. Refusing to eat or eating tiny portions only

2. Bulimia Nervosa:

This might have an onset in later teens. They are usually near ideal body weight. They eat large meals but do not tend to gain weight. They might have an irregular menstrual cycle. They often forcibly vomit the food eaten. Hence, they might suffer from Gastrointestinal disorders as well.

3. Binge eating disorder:

They are usually overweight or obese. They sometimes eat when not hungry as well. They often eat to the point of discomfort.

Gaining fat or becoming obese is every teenage girl’s nightmare. This is the right time to take control of the food habits and workouts.

Few tips on how to watch calories:

  1. Avoid snacking if going to the movies with friends.
  2. Always share a large meal with siblings or friends like a pizza.
  3. Have more nuts than chocolates.
  4. Understand when your body is 80% full and stop then.

Teenagers should set S.M.A.R.T goals for themselves.

Teenage girls weight loss indian diet chart

1. S-Specific

Goals should be defined clearly and should be listed as per the priority

2. M-Measurable

Results should be measured to understand the progress,

3. A-Action

Just thinking does not help achieve results. One can use stairs instead of elevators

4. R- Realistic

Results are not achieved in a day. Small important changes should be considered.

5. T- Time

A time duration should be set so that the goal is not lost in the air.

Say no to FAD diets. Fad diets can help achieve results faster but can make you gain weight faster as well. So no to any diet which is very strict and promises good results in a very short duration of time.

Indian Diet Plan Plan Chart For Weight Loss Teenage Girls

Diet chart indian teenage girls weight loss

Day 1 of weight loss

Day 1 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass of lemon water with honey
Breakfast 2 idly with a Katori sambhar and 1 tbsp chutney + 5 almonds
Mid-Morning 1 Mixed fruit bowl
Lunch 2 Chapati + 1 Katori Palak chicken + 1 Katori beetroot salad
Post Lunch 1 glass of coconut water
Evening 1 cup milk
Dinner 1 small bowl veg pasta with 1 bowl lentil soup
Bedtime 1 glass of mint lemon water

Day 2 of weight loss

Day 2 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass of lemon water with honey
Breakfast 1 bowl veg poha with 1 glass milk + 5 walnuts
Mid-Morning 1 pomegranate
Lunch 2 Chapati + 1 Katori lauki chana dal + 1 Katori cucumber tomato salad
Post Lunch 1 bowl sprouts
Evening 1 cup milk
Dinner ¾ bowl rice + 1 katori rajma + 1 katori onion salad
Bedtime 1 glass ajwain water

Day 3 of weight loss

Day 3 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass of lemon water with honey
Breakfast 1 cheese omelet with 2 slices of bread
Mid-Morning 1 Orange/ Sweet lime
Lunch 2 Veg rolls with 1 cup of curd
Post Lunch 1 Apple
Evening 1 cup milk
Dinner 2 pao with 1 katori bhaji 
Bedtime 1 glass ajwain water

Day 4 of weight loss

Day 4 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass of lemon water with honey
Breakfast 1 Katori veg peanut upma
Mid-Morning 1 glass nimbu paani with honey
Lunch 3/4th bowl rice with chole curry and onion salad
Post Lunch 1 cup watermelon
Evening 1 cup mango shake
Dinner 1 chapati + 1 Katori Matar paneer + 1 Katori tomato salad
Bedtime 1 glass ajwain water

Day 5 of weight loss

Day 5 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass of lemon water with honey
Breakfast 1 glass Oats smoothie with 1 tbsp flax seeds + 5 almonds
Mid-Morning 1 glass of Orange juice
Lunch 2 multigrain roti + 1 katori bhindi sabji + 1 katori curd + 1 katori corn salad
Post Lunch 1 cup Jaljeera water
Evening 1 cup roasted murmura with peanuts
Dinner 1 small bowl veg noodles + 1 Katori sautéed vegetables + 1pc chicken or 50gm paneer
Bedtime 1 glass of warm milk

Day 6 of weight loss

Day 6 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass of lemon water with honey
Breakfast 2 pc veg chutney sandwich + 1 glass buttermilk
Mid-Morning 1 glass lauki spinach juice
Lunch 2 multigrain roti + 1 Katori cabbage or cauliflower sabzi + 1 Katori mixed dal + 1 Katori mixed veg salad
Post Lunch 1 banana
Evening 2 egg whites 
Dinner 3 pcs chole tikki or ghugni 
Bedtime 1 glass of warm milk

Day 7 of weight loss

Day 7 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass of lemon water with honey
Breakfast 30gm plain cornflakes + 1 glass of milk 
Mid-Morning 1 bowl fruit chat with 1 tbsp mixed seeds + 5 almonds
Lunch 2 veg stuffed paratha + 1 Katori curd 
Post Lunch 1 glass of nimbu pani
Evening 1 cup milk
Dinner 1 katori veg pulao + 1 katori khadi 
Bedtime 1 glass of cinnamon water

For good hair Vitamin E in the form of almonds and aloe Vera can be included in the diet. For good skin, green leafy vegetables and beetroot can be included

The menstruation cycle can vary according to body type and genetics. Maintaining a healthy weight can help a good cycle every month.

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Final Thoughts:

So, friends, this was the best Indian diet plan for weight loss for teenage girls. If you follow this diet then we are 100% sure that you are going to see good results.

This diet chart is perfect for teenage girls who are looking to get in shape. If you have any doubts please drop a comment below and we are going to answer all your queries.

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