Nick Walker Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2022

Hello, friends in this post we are going to share Nick Walker workout routine and diet plan which you can follow to get great results and transform your physique.

Nick Walker is a very popular bodybuilder and many young bodybuilders are following him. He is very young and recently he has won the Arnold classic open bodybuilding championship.

Who is Nick Walker?

Nick Walker Bodybuilder

Nick Walker is an American professional bodybuilder and he was born on 23 January 1990 in Trinidad and Tobago.

He turned pro by winning the new york pro championship and now he is a Arnold classic winner also. He is a very positive man and his dreams are big.


He is currently 26 years old.


In the off-season, he is 290lbs while in content prep his weight is around 260 pounds.

Amateur Career:

Nick started competing at the age of 17 and won USA Championships – NPC 2016. From there onwards he is making great progress and turned pro at the age of 26 and now he is Arnold classic winner.

Now he is preparing for the biggest event in bodybuilding Mr. Olympia 2022 and we really hope that he will get placed in the top 5.

Nick Walker Workout Routine:

Nick Walker Workout Routine

Since Nick Walker has become very popular there are many bodybuilders who want to know his workout plan so that they can also workout like him and get a great body and build muscles.

He Follows 4 set workout plan and does 10 to 12 reps for each set. So please read this post completely to know all his exercises.

Day 1: Chest

  • Bench press
  • Incline bench press
  • Deline bench press
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Dumbbell fly
  • Cable crossover
  • Dumbbell Pullover
  • Peck Deck

Day 2: Back

  • Lat Pulldown
  • Deadlift
  • Dumbbell rowing
  • T Bar rowing
  • Seated Cable rowing
  • Bent over barbell row

Day 3: Biceps

  • EZ bar curls
  • Dumbbell Curl
  • Hammer curl
  • Preacher curl
  • Concentration curl

Day 4: Shoulders

  • Barbell Press
  • Dumbbell Press
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  • Single Arm Cable Raise
  • Dumbbell front raise

Day 5: Legs

  • Squats
  • Leg press
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curl
  • Lunges

Day 6: Triceps

  • Dumbbell Tricpes Extension
  • Pulley push down
  • Double Hand Dumbell Extension
  • Dumbbell Kick Back
  • Barbell Extension

Nick Walker Diet Plan

Nick Walker Diet Plan

If you want to achieve great physique then only following his workout routine will not help that much unless you are taking good diet.

Here in this section we are going to share Nick Walker Diet Plan so that you can see what all he eats to maintainn such a good and monster phyqiue.

All the pro bodybuilders east 6 meals a day and this is standerd diet plan  no matter they are bodybuilder or mens’s physique or classic bodybuilding competitor.

Meal 1:

  • 8 ounces Oats
  • 5 egg whites

Meal 2:

  • 6 ounces Chicken breast
  • 5 oz  rice

Meal 3:

  • 8 oz beef
  • 6 oz rice

Meal 4:

  • 8 oz Tuna fish
  • 6 oz rice

Meal 5:

  • 6 oz Chicken breast
  • 7 oz rice

Meal 6:

  • 6 oz Salmon fish
  • 6 oz Rice


So friends this was the Nick Walker Workout routine and diet plan. We hope that you loved this post and if yes then please give it 1 like and do share it with your friends so that others can know his workout and diet plan.

You can take the idea from this post and include it in your daily schedule so that you can also build more muscles and a great body like him.

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