Best North Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Hello friends, in this article we are going to share the best north Indian diet plan for weight loss. North Indian people are very fond of eating more rice but rich is very high in carbohydrates and this might result in weight gain.

As far as we know they prefer rice over roti and foods like dosas, and idlis are also made of rice. But if you want to lose weight then you will have to change your diet plan then only you will be able to cut down your extra fat and weight.

The geographical location has a very important part to play in the choice of food. The Indian subcontinent has various cultures hence there is a variety of cuisines and food for all cultures.

A north Indian diet mostly comprises wheat, dals, lentils, pulses, fruits, vegetables, milk, and milk products.

Due to the extreme cold and hot climate, food choices have to be changed. In winter Makki ki roti, bajra roti, bajra khichdi, Sarson ka saag, and lots of green leafy vegetables and different varieties of parathas is a common food choice. Fresh carrots and radishes are available.

On the contrary in summer, curd, buttermilk, mint leaves, and chia seeds can be used to keep the gut cool and healthy.

Lots of vegetable and fruit juices can also be included. Bael sharbat is also commonly used. Milkshakes can be a part of the daily routine as well.

Light meals should be preferred. As heat makes the body drain out of energy, too much oil and spices can lead to heartburn.

North Indian Diet Food Choices

North Indian diet food choices

1. Cereal Choices: The cereal choices are mostly wheat, Bengal gram flour, oats, and broken wheat, In, winters maize flour is used abundantly. Rice is not a frequently used grain in North India.

2. Protein Choices: Chicken is preferred over seafood due to the distance from the sea. Eggs are used, different dals like moong, chana, urad, mixed dal, chole, rajma, safed matar are used

3. Milk and Milk products: Ghee, vegetable oils, curd, and paneer are abundantly used. Milk should be chosen as per the local brand available.
There is a lot of bread/roti made from wheat, refined flour, and potato. Different forms of roti are naan, phulka, and paratha.

4. Curries: Dairy usage is very prominent in the North like paneer, yogurt curries like besan kadhi such dal makhani, rajma curry, would use cream.

5. Gravies: Made mostly of tomato, onion, garlic, and ginger. Sometimes milk is also a component.

6. Chutneys/side dishes: Mint and coriander chutney are frequently used. Meals are served with buttermilk and raita- made with curd and a vegetable or boondi and spices like jeera, and salt.

7. Spice mixture and powder: North Indian meals can be spicy with a variety of spice mixes like garam masala, dhania powder, jeera powder, turmeric, and red chili powder.

8. Sour ingredient: North Indian curries are more sour than sweet, amchoor powder or lemon is frequently used.

9. Dried herb: Dried herbs like Kasur methi or basil leaves are also used.

10. Hot drink: In the North, People are more fond of tea than coffee.

There are some foods that we need to avoid if we want to lose weight like Fried foods, namkeen, refined flour, and refined sugar, yam, potato, Sweet potato, Carbonated beverages, alcohol.

When making parathas too much butter or oil or ghee should not be used. An oiling brush can be used for the same. Eating unhealthy meals can reduce the BMR as well. It can also lead to a lot of metabolic disorders.

Now, without wasting any time let’s start the north Indian diet chart for weight loss.

Best North Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

north indian diet plan for weight loss

Day 1

Day 1 Meal Options for day 1
Early Morning 1 glass fennel and carom seeds water
Breakfast 2 carrot paratha + 1 Katori curd
Mid-Morning 1 bowl papaya
Lunch 2 Chapati + 1 Katori moong hing dal + 1 Katori mixed veg + 1 Katori tomato-cucumber salad
Post Lunch 1 glass jeera mint buttermilk
Evening 1 cup of green tea
Dinner 2 Chapati + 1 katori gatte ki kadhi + 1 katori salad
Bedtime 1 cup chamomile tea 

Day 2

Day 2 Meal Options for day 2
Early Morning 1 glass fennel and carom seeds water
Breakfast 2 cabbage paratha + 1 Katori raita
Mid Morning 1 mango
Lunch 2 Chapati + 1 Katori cabbage + 1 Katori carrot raita
Post Lunch 1 bowl sprouts
Evening 1 cup of green tea 
Dinner 1 bowl veg dal khichdi and 1 Katori curd and 1 tsp pickle
Bedtime 1 cup chamomile tea

Day 3

Day 3 Meal Options for day 3
Early Morning 1 glass of fennel and cumin seed water (soak the spices at the night)
Breakfast 2 pcs open sandwich (carrot, beans, capsicum)
Mid Morning Half bowl pomegranate
Lunch 2 stuffed paratha with peas + 1 Katori curd + 1 Katori mixed veg salad
Post Lunch 1 Katori sprouts chaat
Evening 1 cup of green tea 
Dinner 1 chapati + 1 Katori soybean curry+ 1 Katori onion salad
Bedtime 1 cup chamomile tea or 1 glass of milk

Day 4

Day 4 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass cinnamon water( half-inch cinnamon)
Breakfast 2 besan chilla ( add carrot to the batter) with green chutney
Mid Morning 1 mixed fruit bowl (apple, guava, banana)
Lunch 1 katori rice + 1 katori rajma + 1 katori onion salad
Post Lunch 1 Katori curd with jeera
Evening 1 cup green tea or tea with less sugar
Dinner 1 bowl veg daliya + 1 Katori long beans sabzi + 1 Katori carrot raita 
Bedtime 1 cup lavender tea

Day 5

Day 5 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass cinnamon  stick water
Breakfast 2 pcs whole wheat bread sandwich with 1 glass milk with turmeric
Mid Morning 1 amrud
Lunch 1 katori rice + 1 katori chole curry + 1 katori onion salad
Post Lunch 1 glass Aam Panna (salted)
Evening 1 cup coconut water
Dinner 1 chapati + 1 Katori  methi sabji + 1 Katori aloo kadhi + 1 Katori mixed salad
Bedtime 1  cup lavender tea

Day 6

Day 6 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass of cinnamon water
Breakfast 2 pcs ajwain paratha + 1 katori curd
Mid Morning 1 bowl papaya 
Lunch 2 chapati + 1 Katori paneer capsicum + 1 Katori onion tomato salad
Post Lunch 1 glass of coconut water with chia seeds
Evening 1 cup green tea or tea with less sugar
Dinner 1 chapati + 1 Katori moth beans sabzi + 1 Katori salad
Bedtime 1  cup lavender tea

Day 7

Day 7 Meal Options
Early Morning 1 glass of cinnamon water
Breakfast 1 katori seviyan upma + 1 glass milk
Mid Morning 1 Apple
Lunch 2 chapati + 1 katori gatte ki sabji + 1 katori corn salad
Post Lunch 1 Katori curd
Evening 1 cup green tea or tea with less sugar
Dinner 1 chapati + 1 padwal sabji + 1 katori mixed dal + 1 katori salad
Bedtime 1 glass of fennel seed water

One quick fact about North India, because of the terrain like mountains and deserts. The BMR or the basal metabolic rate is high for north Indians inherently.

Thus even when fat consumption is high weight loss might not be that significant.

But given that we have started using a lot of electronic devices for our comforts like washing machines, and dishwashers, we do not have to travel long distances on foot, so the BMR might not remain high for a very long time.

Following a Diet Plan Helps Us To Lose Weight Why?

  • We can stick to the quantity mentioned in the plan. Overeating can be avoided
  • Healthy alternatives are suggested in the plan which can help in reducing weight at the same time maintaining good health.
  • One can easily decide what to eat and what to avoid by checking the plan.
  • Mindful eating practice: One becomes conscious of the food choices
  • Decipline in time can also be a huge bonus with a plan
  • One can look good and feel good if followed properly
  • Diet can and should be used as a lifestyle modification
  • Strength and stamina improve, thus the happiness quotient can also improve. It reduces fatigue.
  • Good gut health: Constipation, bloating, and flatulence can be improved.
  • Improving health by losing weight also helps in improving insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity is the response of the body’s cells to insulin. High insulin sensitivity helps in utilizing blood glucose better and maintaining better health. Improving insulin sensitivity should not be the goal for diabetes but also for improving the hormonal balance.
  • Stress and sleep are also related to weight loss. One should try and have a deep 6 to 7-hour sleep. Turmeric milk and chamomile tea help to sleep better. Lavender oil can be used for sound sleep. Avoid caffeine at least 4 hours before sleep.
  • Stress can be improved with workout. By working out we release the happy hormones called cortisol. Stress is also related to emotional eating or stress-related eating. If a person is stressed he or she might make food choices that are not healthy so to avoid the same, the person should work on stress levels.

Thus, a good diet helps in a healthy body and a healthy mind. A diet is a lifestyle modification rather than a small change.

We should aim for a healthy life as our gut is the second brain of the body. If the gut is healthy our body will remain healthy.

Final Thoughts:

So, friends, this was the best north Indian diet plan for weight loss, If you liked this post then please share it so that many people can help from this article.

If you want to know more about weight loss then you can read other articles on our site.

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